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Mapwindow Source Code Download

May 31, 2010 at 5:12 AM


I am trying to build Mapwindow 6 using source code generated on the 28/5 using Visual Studio 2008 C# express.

I get build errors associated with 'Projections' in GdalIntRaster.cs (line 23), GdalFloatRaster.cs (Line 23) and GdalByteRaster (line 23).  Error says 'the type or namespace name 'Projections' does not exist in the namespace 'MapWindow'.

I do see System.Spatial.Projections referenced in mwDesktop in visual studio.

The file System.Spatial.Projections is in MapWindow6Orlando/SupportFiles/Projections as well as MapWindow6Orlando/MapWindow/MwProj4/Projections

I am a complete newbie to C# and the visual studio environment (just trying to feel my way around..).  Could you please let me know if i have done something wrong or can fix the error?

Also, unsure where to direct these questions - the old mapwindow site or this one?



Jun 17, 2010 at 11:43 PM

There were some minor growing pains as we switched over to using System.Spatial.Projections, and at least for a short time it is possible that not all the references were updated correctly.  Hopefully this is fixed.