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MapWindow 6 Documentation

MapWindow 6.0.12 Alpha Release 1 Documentation

This is a broad brush overview of what's new and interesting and different and useful and exciting in MapWindow 6. Here you can also read the development history of the MapWindow project and also learn about the basics of building a custom software project using the MapWindow 6 libraries.

Recognizing that the design paradigm for MapWindow 6 is that most if not all of the functionality of the software should be provided through plugins, here is a list of plugins that we think are important - critical - for the MW6 release.

Status "O" means that an initial attempt at the plugin exists, but that it needs to be tested, compared to MapWindow 4 functionality, and otherwise debugged and improved. Status "X" means that the plugin is in near final form.


 Target Release

Plug-in Name 




1 Create a new shapefile. 2 Add a new shape. 3 Edit the vertex. (the existing plug-in in DotSpatial should be updated to include all the functionality of the MapWindow 4 plugin.



Projection Plug-in

Reproject shapefiles.



GPS and Sampling Tools for MapWindow

the existeg plug-in in MapWindow4 should be ported (please see the link)



Online Data Plug-in

same as above



LiDAR Reader Plugin

same as above



3D Viewer

same as above



Photo Viewer Plug-in

same as above



Georeferencing Tool

same as above

How MapWindow and DotSpatial are versioned

In general MapWindow 6.1.0 works with DotSpatial 1.0 and

MapWindow 6.1.1 includes DotSpatial 1.1


The projects are not synchronized on a changeset level, but I would expect the latest MapWindow 6 source to work with the latest DotSpatial source.

You'll also want to read \MapWindow\How to Build.txt



How to Customize Branding of MapWindow 6

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The latest release will download two DLLs which have version conflict issues.